Megan's Empire Book One



Megan Knowles

  • The center around which the entire story gathers

  • Wildly intelligent

  • Driven but the lust for power from a very young age

  • Conflicted by her conscience which sometimes manifests itself in the guise of her childhood imaginary friend, Harmony


  • Megan’s imaginary friend from her earliest childhood

  • While Megan is aware that Harmony is not ‘real’ in the usual sense, she plays an important part in Megan's life

  • Has her own personality

  • Harmony is mature beyond Megan’s years which suggests that there is a part of Megan that fights against her tendency to rationalize her lust for power

Johnathan Parker Knowles III

  • Megan’s father and CEO of The Company

  • The most powerful person in the world

  • His lust for more and more power drives him to expand The Company’s reach beyond what is prudent given The Company’s resources at any given time

Gordon King

  • JPK’s Chief of Staff

  • Not without ambition be he has no aspirations for the top spot

  • His primary concern is the JPK is succeeded by the best-qualified candidate. To him, this generally means Megan and he keeps a keen eye on her development

  • Has his master’s in accounting but is much better at seeing the big picture than quantoids, although not as good at it as JPK

Caroline Knowles

  • Megan’s mother who does not last beyond the first scene

  • The details of her demise will probably be revealed

  • It should be revealed, I think, that her death was, in a way, for the sake of her child and of her own choosing although she may have had some help.

Elin Jensen (callsign Shield)

  • Megan’s nanny and bodyguard since Megan was a newborn

Anne-Elin’s sister

  • After age 18 attack, became fulltime doc for Megan’s team.


Megan’s Staff

Protective Team


Angela Carr (callsign Swift) FIRST

  • Black Baton First Class

  • The lead of Megan’s protective unit

  • Best at strategic thought and planning

  • Last name of Carr from mother who was a secondary wife in Africa.

  • Family opposition to her joining the Recce branch of the Protective Force.

Cynthia Bauer (callsign Torch) SECOND

  • Black Baton Second Class

  • Second of Megan’s protective unit

  • Tactics and Discipline

Imani Williams (callsign Professor/Prof)

  • Lead – Team 1

  • Black Baton Second Class.

  • Raised in South Central LA

  • Assigned to Megan's Protective Team after so many had died in Scene 2.

  • The holder of two PhDs including one in environmental ecology from UCLA

  • When she got bored, she signed up for ProFor and quickly advanced

  • Enjoys philosophical discussions with Sage

Ines Durand (callsign Looker)

  • Lead – Team 2

  • Black Baton Second Class.

  • Assigned to Megan's Protective Team after so many had died in Scene 2.

  • Successful French-Canadian model and actress who wanted more than the superficial in a world gone made

  • To people who don't know better, her callsign is Looker because of her looks but, in reality, the team gave her that monicker because her eyesight rivals Hawk

Andrew Lock (callsign Dancer)

  • Lead – Team 3

  • Black Baton Second Class.

  • Assigned to Megan's Protective Team after so many had died in Scene 2.

  • Very large powerfully built Australian who was pursuing Torch in the earlier scenes and married her by the time Megan turned 21

David Nguyen (callsign Sage)

  • Lead – Team 4

  • Black Baton Second Class.

  • Assigned to Megan's Protective Team after so many had died in Scene 2.

  • Well read student of philosophy raised between homes in CanAmerica and Vietnam

Veronica Sanchez (callsign Wire)

  • Lead – Team 5

  • Black Baton Second Class.

  • Assigned to Megan's Protective Team after so many had died in Scene 2.

  • Newest team lead

Leona Aariak (callsign Hawk)

  • Lead – Team 6

  • Black Baton Second Class.

  • Assigned to Megan's Protective Team after so many had died in Scene 2.

  • Inuit with a law degree

  • Exceptional eyesight in a group with exceptional eyesight.

Team members killed in scene 2 attack

  • Colin – Watched old TV shows with Megan. She called him Barney Fife after watching the Andy Griffith show where Barney was only allowed one bullet. And, on the fifth anniversary of his joining Megan’s Protective Team, she gave him a ring she designed for him when she was nine. A gold bullet surrounded by (onyx/silver/?)

  • Carl – Colin’s brother

  • Pink

  • Ax

  • Lurch


Administrative staff

Danielle Mullins

  • White Baton Third Class.

  • Assigned to Megan's staff at the same time as Megan’s older half-brother, Curtis

  • Perky to the point that it can be irritating, and she tries to control it, unsuccessfully.

  • Hair: Always something ‘bright and happy’ (her words)

  • Is an unwilling spy against Megan's team to distract from the real spy Stephanie Ridge. Later becomes ally

Stephanie Ridge

  • White Baton First Class.

  • Caught out as the reporter’s source inside The Company she is turned by Trisha; first, to protect the child she thought no one knew about but ultimately to enjoy the perks of power

  • The real reason she turned traitor was that someone was given the promotions she thought she should have and the person treated her badly


JPK’s extended family

including mistresses

Caroline - wife

  • One child - Megan

Trisha Adisa (meaning ‘The Lucid One’)

  • Angela Carr’s half-sister from a father with more than one wife.

  • She and JPK are addicted to one another and bound by their limitless ambition and intellect. That doesn’t mean they don’t try to manipulate one another though.

  • Chief scientist of Experimental Lab Six in Tucson. Her lab is one of the most productive of all the experimental labs, chiefly because of Trisha’s brilliance and her ability to recruit the best minds to her team. As long as they are terrified of her and more interested in science than in ethics and morality.

  • Children with JPK (both without conscience)

    • Johnathan – Twin of Gillian with whom he is in competition for the top spot.

    • Gillian – Johnathan’s twin and most aggressive competitor apart from Megan who barely acknowledges she has any competition at all.

    • Parker – Big, powerfully built man who has no scruple and no ambition beyond having his own private island where he will be free to explore his cravings for brutality.


  • We know little of the mother so far

  • Children with JPK (all without conscience)

    • Curtis – Oldest and the wiser of the two Patterson children. Ambitious but knows his limits. Uses Gordon King as a pattern/mentor.

    • Timothy – Youngest of the two. Overly ambitious and impatient which makes him act rashly.

  • Sharon Patterson Grandmother of Curtis and Timothy

    • Alias - Grandma Mancini on Behavioral Purity Center Alyeska

    • Makes her way into Megan's confidence at the end of Book 1 as platform 'grandma' and psychologist

    • Secretly plotting to undermine Megan's sanity for the sake of the advancement of her grandson's in The Company


Li Family

Li Yong[Brave] (Chairman Li)

  • Cut the deal when Megan was nine to merge the two superpowers of China and The Company.

Li Jing[Peaceful, Tranquil]

  • Li Yong's eldest son and the intended husband of Megan to seal the deal of the merger

Li Min[Quick, Clever]

  • Li Yong's youngest son 

Li Lei[Mound of Rocks, Great]

  • Li Yong's older brother, counselor, and uncle to the Li sons.


The Media

Deborah Stone

  • A reporter for The Jungle Journalist.

  • Ambitious and courageous, she can have her fervent idealism used against her


Megan’s Empire Books 1-4


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