Megan's Empire Book One

The next to The Last Scene

(first person, Megan)



What Happens?

Megan is on Behavioral Purity Center Alyeska and dazed by all that has happened so quickly given her fall from being the presumed heir to JPK and, therefore, the most powerful woman in the world to being just another malcontent.


But Gordon visits as a kind of sponsor, although Megan doesn't know that is what he is. He tells her that she needs to take a longer view and think about the good she can do with just a few compromises that will take her to the top. She wants to disagree but lacks the energy to do so. So also is not too sure she cares that much anymore about what is good and what isn't. Power was sweet, this isn't.


Gordon convinces her that a good place to start will be to act as an informant against the other malcontents on the platform.


OR is it that JPK himself visits and makes it clear that Megan has only made things a little more inconvenient. People are in the position to poison the president of Russia the same way that they used on their enemies and the Baltic states are going to come around so that the Russians will have no choice and how will China feel with all the nukes of CanAmerica and Russia in his pocket?


Consequences to the plot

Megan is now a company agent willing to do what it takes to gain the top.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

The good Megan has been destroyed by all that has been thrown at her. Is there any spark left. Can she make this new path something she can live with?

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