Megan's Empire Book One

The Last Scene

(third person, Grandma)



What Happens?

Grandma Mancini is hauled off from the malcontent cells for some infraction. Megan tries to intervene but Grandma tells Megan to leave it as there is nothing she can do to protect the older woman anyway and that she might be making things worse for everyone. Grandma is bound and dragged off across a footbridge to another platform where the punishment cells are. People worry about her when this happens. She refuses to betray any confidences of the other mals and is punished for it. How much can the old woman take?


On the punishment platform, she is taken down a hall where the worst treatments are given and others on the platform hear her screams and they cringe in their cells and cover their ears. After a while, the screams die down to nothing and the guards come back without her.


In the cell itself, Grandma shuts off the machine that has been generating the screams and takes out some earplugs. She makes a call. It is JPK himself. She complains as she has before, that she should be given more time to destroy Megan's mind. She plays the card that she worries that JPK will change his mind and favor her, maybe only giving Grandma 8 months to drive her to suicide or whatever so as a means of protecting Megan. She complains that Gordon King paid Megan a visit and that isn't fair either. It could be giving her hope. JPK says he'll have a talk with Gordon but everyone is entitled to support whomever he or she wants for the top spot as long as it doesn't endanger him.


JPK assures her that he has no particular preference for the winner among his children, he only wants the most capable of growing his empire after his retirement/death. He thinks 8 months is more than enough to break Megan or toughen her up and prove her worth to him.


Grandma makes sure that even doing her best in whatever time she has, is enough to bring her grandson back from MAX where he has been kept since the attack three years ago. All the time he has been there, he has been stressing because he could be tossed to the sharks within minutes of JPK's decision to do it.


Consequences to the plot

Again, Megan is being set up to take a fall. Her enemies are many and those enemies have no scruple.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

She will wonder, through it all, if the fight to hold to her standards, which have been slipping, is worth it.

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