Megan's Empire Book One

07 Spies and Traitors 

The Jungle Journalist

(third person, JPK)



What Happens?

JPK and Gordon King discuss an upcoming interview with a reporter, Deborah Stone, from The Jungle Journalist. The interview would not normally be granted except the proposed questions suggest that the reporter may have some explosive inside information of The Company's operations and JPK needs to know if the reporter has any proof to back up her allegations. She would not have the information if there were not a mole in The Company and JPK will stall for time to see if security personnel can figure out who the mole might be. Also, if he can knock the reporter off her game she may be forced to make wild accusations that will keep her from asking the most inflammatory questions while making her appear something of a fanatic


Consequences to the plot

The series on spies opens up more about the family intrigues and methods of The Company

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

This series is where, in an upcoming scene, the importance of Megan's marriage to chairman Li's son gets ramped up

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