Megan's Empire Book One

11 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Trisha Adisa)



What Happens?

After King leaves with the two copies of the recording in the previous scene, Trish takes another device from her desk drawer and removes yet a third copy which she plays to verify it is perfect. She calls someone and arranges a phone call on a secure line and tells the person to come to her office. While on the call, she tells the other party that King caught her as she expected and made the person on the other end of the line that she had a backup plan and that he will now have the only other copy apart from the ones King took from her office. In the meantime, a big ProFor man enters silently and Trish hands him a note with the microdot that instructs him to make five copies in each of two different formats. He leaves a not on her desk.


She continues the conversation with words of sexual innuendo meant to suggest she can't wait to get him into bed. After hanging up she scowls and says "As if."


She picks up the note that was left on her desk, looks up a number on her computer and makes a phone call. The person on the other end is in charge of maintenance and housekeeping for the Phoenix facilities. Trish tries to be nice but the other person knows of her and is not taken in. It's worked out, ask Trish looks at the note, that a Stephanie Ridge will be sent to Trish's office.


Consequences to the plot

Many are the forces swirling within The Company.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

Trish is one of JPK's lovers and she has two children that she plans to pit against Megan for CEO.

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