Megan's Empire Book One

13 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Danielle)



What Happens?

Danielle Mullins hurries into the salon of Megan's suite and stops dead in her tracks. She never seems to remember how tight Megan's security is, especially when she has already talked to Megan on the phone and Megan is expecting her.


Dancer is there with another male member of his team and Dancer ain't buying it. Even Megan has security that she has no choice but to subject herself to. After Dancer calls a female member of his team down to check with Megan, Megan comes out of her bedroom while pulling a robe around her. She teases Dancer for not trusting Dani.


Megan glances over the report that Danielle has given her and then orders her to follow Megan into her bedroom. Dancer and the female ProFor member follow. Dancer takes a position by the closed door of Megan's bedroom while the other male ProFor member takes up a station to guard the door on in the salon. The female member takes a position by Megan's bed while Megan props herself up and reads the report.


Megan gets details from Dani about when it came in and who knows about it. The report is of the article from the interview and Megan notices the date and says she is beginning to get a sense for the timing of her father's order for the cruise to meet her fiance. She tells Dancer to arrange a meeting of team leads as soon as they are all awake. She asks Dani to make sure everyone has his or her favorite beverage at the meeting and to also make sure all the team leads have a copy of the report before the meeting but no one else.


As she is leaving, Dani ponders ways she can report this latest development back to Gordon King without being discovered as a spy but not giving away anything to King that will harm Megan.


Consequences to the plot

Many are the forces swirling within The Company.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

Megan is on to Dani but doubts her heart is in it. Later, she will see if something can be done to turn the girl back to a better side of things.

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