Megan's Empire Book One

15 Romance of a Sort

Inlaws and Bylaws

(first person, Megan)



What Happens?

A stealth helicopter made it to the ship in the predawn hours and got close enough to The Precocious that Bowser's Section of Wire's team was taken by surprise and, within seconds, had reacted and locked on two shoulder-fired weapons before the chopper was identified as a diplomatic group. The captain is furious that such powerful weapons were so close at hand for Megan's protective team without his knowledge. Danielle will find out that the captain had been notified of the visit but ordered his first officer to make sure that Megan's team wasn't informed.


It is a visit by the brother and uncle of Megan's future husband. The captain insists that Bowser and his section be disciplined. Megan arranges for Bowser to take himself and a weapons officer and fly to the flagship routine maintenance or some other reason. The third person says she will confine herself to crew quarters to review technical manuals.


There is room for the Chinese helicopter to land and Megan gives instructions to set up for refreshments in her salon. She greets her visitors and they convene in the salon. It is revealed that Li Jing is currently in the air and will arrive in twenty-nine minutes if Megan will agree to receive him. He would like to meet her before the formal reception. He has shown himself taken with her and would like to know more about her personally. The Li Jing will be bringing gifts of the finest silk, a jade statuette, and a finely lacquered box but Li Min suggests she ask for a gift of the contract between their two fathers as it has been altered due to JPK's deparation to add the Peoples Liberation Army to his side.


When Li Jing arrives, precisely on time, Megan finds him engaging, generous, handsome and attentive. She is smitten to the point where she forgets to ask for the contract until Elin reminds her. Megan doesn't want to appear rude and she really wants Li Jing to like her but she rolls her eyes and asks. While Megan's staff goes over the contract, Megan and Li Jing stroll along the deck arm in arm and Megan feels the stirring of a passion she has never had time to think or feel about before.


Back in the salon, Megan is told of the details of the contract. It has fundamentally changed. Megan is no longer guaranteed that she will have a chance at becoming The Company's CEO. In fact, it is going to be contractually required that she move to Beijing and thus make it virtually impossible to stay in the running.


Consequences to the plot

What will Megan do?

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

While Megan still sees herself as a moral person, she is now, more than ever convinced that she is justified in being as ruthless as the ruthless world around her to get what she feels is right.

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