"I look into his eyes, far beyond the terror that has cowed my mother and so many others, and see something that surges through me and thrills me more than anything anyone could ever put in a bottle. It’s power beyond limits and I want it, I want it desperately, for myself." -Megan

Beta Test


noun: beta test; plural noun: beta tests

  1. 1.

    a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development.

Just so you know what you're letting yourself in for...
...beta readers are really awesome, wonderful and really, really cool. They jump into reading a book while it's still taking shape. They let the writer know the good and bad and, by so doing, they learn a little about themselves, what they like to read and what they leave for other readers because, well, maybe a given book just isn't for them. If you are up for that, or just feel like having something to read with no strings...

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