Part One


01 Megan the Ninja Explorer

(first person, Megan)



Megan, at a precocious nine, is in the habit of haunting her father’s mansion in the middle of the night liberating sweets and pastries and observing the behavior of adults. She has decided, this night, that it is time to sample the adult fascination with alcohol. While doing this, she observes an argument between her parents where she first feels the immense power of her father and decides that she wants it all for herself. She also learn of a deal Megan’s father made for her to marry the son of China’s chairman Li to seal a deal that will combine the strengths of The Company and China.


02 Megan The Target

(first person, Megan)



Megan awakens from the dream/nightmare of herself at nine and senses Elin’s presence. As last-ditch protection, she is always close as the rest of the team maneuvers in the face of a threat. Harmony points out that, since the weapon Elin has with her as she peers out the window of her bedroom is not a paintball gun, this is not a drill. Megan’s training has been rigorous and effective. She obeys Elin’s instruction with no argument no matter how much she dislikes it. She is sent to ‘The Sanctuary’ to use Elin’s term for it, or ‘The Tomb’ to use Megan’s term. There Megan stews surrounded by six feet of reinforced concrete on all sides with enough to sustain her for a week. She ponders over her history with her team and stews over their safety. She has also, per her training, taking a weapon from a lockbox in case the wrong people find their way to her.


03 Megan The Mourner

(first person, Megan)



Megan, with tension through the roof, hears what she hopes is her rescue as she hears drilling and small controlled explosions. The first one to her is her father, not a welcome sight. She is no longer enthralled by him as she was at nine and she ponders the power she has at that moment, with the 45 in her hand that she has become so highly skilled in, to act on all the loathing she has for him and his methods.


She is left in the hands of Dancer who informs her that she has lost five members of her team, two are critical, Swift and Torch, and one, Elin, is not expected to make it and may have died already. Megan briefly mourns the ones she lost. She is led toward Elin’s bedside where we see her attachment to one of the dead (Colin) and we see moments of her command presence even at 18.



04 Elin The Shield

(third person, Elin)



Post-op ICU. Elin pulls through with remarkable recuperative powers. As she is nearing consciousness, the mixture of religions in her life has her in Valhalla, thinking she is dead, and gloating over her sister's mistaken faith in Christianity. But the vision evaporates and she wakes to find her older sister, Anne, smiling over her. 


Her first concern is Megan's safety and Anne fills her in about Megan's steadfastly standing by Elin, and making sure of the wellbeing of Angela and Cynthia, even though Megan's father has been demanding that she report to him in his office.


The connection between Megan and Elin is as strong as any mother-daughter bond. Megan mentions, momentarily, the cost of her drive toward power and Elin points out the team has protected her, and her freedom to choose her path, even to the point of sacrificing their lives. Megan quickly refocuses on her goal and is off to see her father.


We learn something of Elin's past and her concern that there are two Megan's battling within her and that the wrong Megan is winning.


05 Family Matters

The Lesson

(first person, Megan)



Megan has finally obeyed her father's summons and entered his office to find him on the phone and a tea laid out with Earl Grey, her favorite since her days as a little girl with a crush on Jean-Luc Picard. He is on the phone and makes her wait while he discusses with his chief of staff why the attack can be turned to The Company's advantage.


After the call, JPK attempts to be friendly by sharing in Megan's tea but hate Earl Grey and get an assistant to bring him a health drink. Then he challenges Megan to prove she should stay in the family CEO chase. She ably proves her worth and is rewarded with the gift of either a newer, bigger, jet or a yacht that JPK had designed for him but has decided against as he will feel more secure while at sea with accommodations on one of The Company's aircraft carriers.


Megan chooses the yacht and makes the case that Angela (Swift) had been correct to request increased security personnel for Megan's protective team and her current jet, a Dreamliner, is adequate.


06 Family Matters

Sibling Rivalry

(third person, JPK)



As Megan is closing the door after the meeting with her father, JPK picks up the phone and summons King and his two Patterson sons. It comes out in conversation that it is the younger of the two, Timothy, that conspired with the Russians to kill his half-sister, Megan. Unfortunately for him, the Russians took advantage of the intel provided by Timothy to make a nearly successful attack on JPK himself, something Timothy had not bargained for. Timothy is shown to be very intelligent but too impatient. JPK sentences him to MAX.


It further comes out that the two brothers hate one another but Curtis, a brilliant but cold-blooded analytical type, sees his brothers strength and weaknesses as clearly as he does his own. He is patient and willing to take a position away from the top spot that fits his personality and gifts. 


At the end of the scene, JPK says he has a special assignment for Curtis. Curtis says he knows JPK doesn't plan on killing Timothy but recommends that Timothy get a good look in the shark's mouth before letting him off the hook.


Part Two


07 Spies and Traitors 

The Jungle Journalist

(third person, JPK)



JPK and Gordon King discuss an upcoming interview with a reporter, Deborah Stone, from The Jungle Journalist. The interview would not normally be granted except the proposed questions suggest that the reporter may have some explosive inside information of The Company's operations and JPK needs to know if the reporter has any proof to back up her allegations. She would not have the information if there were not a mole in The Company and JPK will stall for time to see if security personnel can figure out who the mole might be. Also, if he can knock the reporter off her game she may be forced to make wild accusations that will keep her from asking the most inflammatory questions while making her appear something of a fanatic


08 Spies and Traitors

Deborah Stone

(third person, Deborah Stone)



In the interview, JPK bobs and weaves and in charming ways, stretches out things out until there is a minor explosion that actually works in JPK's favor as accusations get made but the specific questions are avoided.


09 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Gordon King)



King reports to Knowles that they are 95% sure that they have uncovered the mole but, more important, they know that the conversation was being recorded and the method used is troubling. The Chinese and Russians have teamed up probably because Knowles allowed Megan to delay her wedding past her 18th year and that made the Chinese nervous. The tech is in two parts needing a pen and a microdot tucked under the arm of the office chair.


10 Spies and Traitors

The Scientist

(third person, Gordon King)



King takes the bullet train from the Phoenix winter headquarters to the Tucson science labs where he will give the microdot voice recorder to Trisha Adisa, head of Experimental Lab 6 for testing. His hope is to take his time getting there but she is on to his habits and is waiting for him at the station. She shows herself to think she is above everyday rules when she uses the high-speed tram to get to her facilities, something that is strictly against the rules.


There, after playing the recording which comes through crystal clear, she makes a recording and tries to keep it for herself but King is on to her. He knows the only way she would attempt to do such a thing is if it was not her primary objective. He examines the device she used to make the copy and finds another copy hidden within it. He pockets both copies and leaves.


11 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Trisha Adisa)



After King leaves with the two copies of the recording in the previous scene, Trish takes another device from her desk drawer and removes yet a third copy which she plays to verify it is perfect. She calls someone and arranges a phone call on a secure line and tells the person to come to her office. While on the call, she tells the other party that King caught her as she expected and made the person on the other end of the line that she had a backup plan and that he will now have the only other copy apart from the ones King took from her office. In the meantime, a big ProFor man enters silently and Trish hands him a note with the microdot that instructs him to make five copies in each of two different formats. He leaves a not on her desk.


She continues the conversation with words of sexual innuendo meant to suggest she can't wait to get him into bed. After hanging up she scowls and says "As if."


She picks up the note that was left on her desk, looks up a number on her computer and makes a phone call. The person on the other end is in charge of maintenance and housekeeping for the Phoenix facilities. Trish tries to be nice but the other person knows of her and is not taken in. It's worked out, ask Trish looks at the note, that a Stephanie Ridge will be sent to Trish's office.


12 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Stephanie)



Stephanie Ridge is told to report to Trisha's office in Tucson. She knows it can't be good. She is met at the station by Trish, her three children and another large man in ProFor uniform. It intimidates her as it is meant to. They take her past the security door for the high-speed tram and subject her to a humiliating cavity search the finds two cyanide capsules. She then is ordered to dress and they take her to Trish's office where the ProFor guy who is not related to Trish waits outside the door.


It is revealed that the child Stephanie had and adopted out at sixteen has been part of Stephanie's company record for years but no one has acted on it. Stephanie had thought the child safe from the company's security forces that she did not trust. Trish offers to remove the reference to the child from Stephanie's record if she continues to spy on JPK for Trish as she has been for The Jungle Journalist. After some promises that the child will, henceforth, be given every advantage of education and position and that Stephanie will be promoted AND that the boss Stephanie hates will take the rap as the spy, she jumps at the chance. She's not as idealistic as she wanted to paint herself when she set out to expose The Company's methods.


13 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Danielle)



Danielle Mullins hurries into the salon of Megan's suite and stops dead in her tracks. She never seems to remember how tight Megan's security is, especially when she has already talked to Megan on the phone and Megan is expecting her.


Dancer is there with another male member of his team and Dancer ain't buying it. Even Megan has security that she has no choice but to subject herself to. After Dancer calls a female member of his team down to check with Megan, Megan comes out of her bedroom while pulling a robe around her. She teases Dancer for not trusting Dani.


Megan glances over the report that Danielle has given her and then orders her to follow Megan into her bedroom. Dancer and the female ProFor member follow. Dancer takes a position by the closed door of Megan's bedroom while the other male ProFor member takes up a station to guard the door on in the salon. The female member takes a position by Megan's bed while Megan props herself up and reads the report.


Megan gets details from Dani about when it came in and who knows about it. The report is of the article from the interview and Megan notices the date and says she is beginning to get a sense for the timing of her father's order for the cruise to meet her fiance. She tells Dancer to arrange a meeting of team leads as soon as they are all awake. She asks Dani to make sure everyone has his or her favorite beverage at the meeting and to also make sure all the team leads have a copy of the report before the meeting but no one else.


As she is leaving, Dani ponders ways she can report this latest development back to Gordon King without being discovered as a spy but not giving away anything to King that will harm Megan.


14 Romance of a Sort

It's Just Business

(first person, Megan)



The meeting of team leads is convened and everyone agrees that, even though they do not know exactly how, something must have happened at the interview that forced JPK's hand and his orders to Megan, ship, and crew to start for the Philippines while JPK's people begin to move Megan's wedding forward.


It may also come up that the majority of the team do not like Megan being used as a global bargaining chip. Some suggest they could make their way to Mexico and ask for asylum so they could all have their own lives but Megan believes she will never get to be CEO if she doesn't follow through with the wedding.


Danielle interrupts the meeting to admit her treachery and Megan decides on a way to let her prove herself just as someone bursts in with a diplomatic crisis with Wire's team.


15 Romance of a Sort

Inlaws and Bylaws

(first person, Megan)



A stealth helicopter made it to the ship in the predawn hours and got close enough to The Precocious that Bowser's Section of Wire's team was taken by surprise and, within seconds, had reacted and locked on two shoulder-fired weapons before the chopper was identified as a diplomatic group. The captain is furious that such powerful weapons were so close at hand for Megan's protective team without his knowledge. Danielle will find out that the captain had been notified of the visit but ordered his first officer to make sure that Megan's team wasn't informed.


It is a visit by the brother and uncle of Megan's future husband. The captain insists that Bowser and his section be disciplined. Megan arranges for Bowser to take himself and a weapons officer and fly to the flagship routine maintenance or some other reason. The third person says she will confine herself to crew quarters to review technical manuals.


There is room for the Chinese helicopter to land and Megan gives instructions to set up for refreshments in her salon. She greets her visitors and they convene in the salon. It is revealed that Li Jing is currently in the air and will arrive in twenty-nine minutes if Megan will agree to receive him. He would like to meet her before the formal reception. He has shown himself taken with her and would like to know more about her personally. The Li Jing will be bringing gifts of the finest silk, a jade statuette, and a finely lacquered box but Li Min suggests she ask for a gift of the contract between their two fathers as it has been altered due to JPK's deparation to add the Peoples Liberation Army to his side.


When Li Jing arrives, precisely on time, Megan finds him engaging, generous, handsome and attentive. She is smitten to the point where she forgets to ask for the contract until Elin reminds her. Megan doesn't want to appear rude and she really wants Li Jing to like her but she rolls her eyes and asks. While Megan's staff goes over the contract, Megan and Li Jing stroll along the deck arm in arm and Megan feels the stirring of a passion she has never had time to think or feel about before.


Back in the salon, Megan is told of the details of the contract. It has fundamentally changed. Megan is no longer guaranteed that she will have a chance at becoming The Company's CEO. In fact, it is going to be contractually required that she move to Beijing and thus make it virtually impossible to stay in the running.


16 Romance of a Sort

What's Love Got to do With It

(first person, Megan)



Megan now knows that, because of her father's business ambitions, her desire for the top spot of The Company has been bargained away. 


She admits that she could fall in love with Li Jing and spend the rest of her life with him in Beijing. Would that be so bad?


She decides she will put her ambitions for power ahead of her father's and her heart and fight fire is with fire. She begins to look for a way to force the issue in a bold move that, she believes, will force her father to call off the wedding and move her into the most aggressive parts of the training needed to be CEO. She latches onto the report that Malaysian pirates are active in the Strait of Malacca and providing the Malaysian government with the additional income they need to put off signing a contract with The Company. The pirates have a powerful warship that provides a movable base and fire support for the pirates. The Company and China have been keeping hands off because Malaysia and Indonesia do not want any foreign power in their waters and to violate their sovereignty by sending in a powerful naval force to deal with the pirates could be a public relations disaster for the two powerhouses that go to great lengths to portray themselves as beneficent entities.


Megan knows what she has to do. She must make her mark, do something dramatic to make her father see she will be more of an asset to him if she stays with The Company.


The Precocious is far, far more than a luxury yacht and Megan is going to prove herself by taking out the pirates herself. To do so, she believes, will be a public relations coup, given they would be removed by a single luxury yacht belonging to a young woman


17 Romance of a Sort

Love is a Battlefield

(first person, Megan)



The battle is over and it was brutal. Megan has 'won' but lost people she cared about and told by Torch, if she insisted on this course, she would be required to pick up a weapon and do her part. She has killed people herself and it was NOT a glorious exercise. In fact, she is physically ill and Elin is upset.


Elin wants to be angry at Torch for forcing the issue but knows that Megan had to be made to face the consequences of her decisions if she insists she will continue her drive toward power.


A recap of the battle might hint at the brutality of it and Megan wonders if the moral damage it has cost her will be worth it but sees she must see it through for now.


18 Daddy Dearest

(first person, Megan)



Megan is confident her father will see her as an asset better suited to his ambitions if he at least delays the wedding and continues her training for CEO.


She's wrong. The Chinese now see her as the perfect match for the premier's son. The next step is to broaden her appeal even more by giving her the responsibility to take a tour of The Company's latest contract country to make sure things stay on schedule and under budget.


19 The Tour

(first person, Megan)



Megan is on the official tour of Albania and being steered around by Gold Baton Reitz. When the tour guide gets the chance, he offers Megan a chance to see the real conditions in his country after The Company was signed on to supply internal and external security forces.


All hardened criminals are shipped off to MAX facilities and all labeled as malcontents are rounded up and shipped off to Behavioral Purity Centers. Thousands of children are left to fend for themselves and Megan is shown a 9-year-old girl who is caring for her three younger siblings on the streets and wherever they can find shelter.


Upon return to Megan's plane, she instructs the captain to go to Vienna where the three Baltic states are to sign with The Company in a grand ceremony the next day. This is against her father's instructions that, upon leaving Albania, she is to fly to one of his private islands in the Caribbean. 


20 The Press Conference

(first person, Megan)




In Vienna, there is to be an official signing of the three Baltic States to contracts with The Company. It's a huge deal for Megan's father because it puts three more countries on Russia's border that are allied with The Company. JPK's long-term strategy has been to sign with Russia, the largest in the world, and form a marriage alignment with China, the only country powerful enough to challenge The Company in out and out conflict, something these major powers have been trying to avoid for years.

The three contracts have been hard won but worth it. Russia will feel more pressure to sign because The Company's agents have been working overtime stirring things up in Russia. So, if Russia signs first, that will put another company presence on China's border. Mongolia is already a client state. On the other hand, if the Megan's wedding comes off first, that makes the other major power in the world a company ally and can put seal Russia's southern border with company forces.

But Megan, in a bid to show her power and free herself from the obligation to marry, hold's a press conference where she exposes the human rights abuses perpetrated on the citizens of the Albanian populace. She shifts any blame off The Company and puts it on Gold Baton Reitz but the damage is extensive. The Baltic states have no choice but to back away from the signing that was to take place in just a few hours.

21 Spin

(first person, Megan)




As expected, JPK is privately furious but publicly he thanks his daughter for taking the Albanian situation so seriously and takes much of the credit but pointing out it was he that sent her. Reitz is relieved of duty and reassigned. Changes are quickly made, it appears, as Albanian citizens are paraded on the world stage saying how well The Company has responded to the injustice and brought order to their country. Megan thinks she recognizes some of those citizens as Security Personnel from The Company but, oh well, she seems to have what she wanted. She is held up as JPK's successor, which plays well in the media.

But it is a sham. Megan disappears from public view after a time and she is no longer in the news when she is arrested on trumped up war crimes charges. Her team abandons her.

22 Trial and MAX

(first person, Megan)




In a quiet trial in Anchorage, Megan is found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to MAX. She is taken to a MAX facility and led into a room with a opening in the floor where executed prisoners are fed to the sharks below to remove all evidence. Some prisoners are thrown in alive for pissing off the wrong people. Megan is one of these. She is led to the opening and pushed in. Terrified, she falls but is stopped by a clear Plexiglas floor that is pulled back out of the way so the next prisoner falls alive into the water where a loud thrashing and screaming is heard. Megan has had her sentence commuted but the experience has literally scared that crap out of her. She is terrified and traumatized.


She is cleaned up and led to a room where Gordon waits. He spoke up for her with JPK as he thinks, if she has learned her lesson, she can still be of use to them. She is, after all, possessed of a brilliant mind. The most talented of all the Knowles offspring and one, he thinks that he could be second to when JPK retires. He prefers staying in the background. Megan is sent to Alyeska BPC north of the Arctic circle where global warming has turned the ice cap into occational ice sheets and slush. It's still miserable cold and bleak.

23 Alyeska

(first person, Megan)




At the BPC, Megan is given some hope when she makes a friend who everyone thinks of as 'the counselor' because she was a therapist back in the world. But she is, we learn, another agent of The Company with children of her own fathered by JPK. She is working to destroy Megan's mind. She could be working with Trish, I suppose. They each have their own children they want at the top but have teamed up because they know the best chance for any of their children is if Megan is destroyed.

But it doesn't have to be Trish that she is working with. She could have a handler. Could it be Gordon? Perhaps not. I like the idea that he is interested in developing her into the CEO he believes can become with the proper development. He might believe she could take The Company farther than her father.

Or is it that he is playing her. Setting her up for a bigger fall yet? I don't think this would play well.

Perhaps the counselor is teamed with JPK himself. Could he be so vengeful that her wants to destroy Megan's sanity? I doubt it. I don't think he would bother taking the time.

So maybe she doesn't have any kids of her own in this game. Maybe the counselor is acting in Trisha's behalf and as Trisha's agent of evil because Trisha can do so much to advance her (The counselor's) career. Maybe she has been promised a fast track to silver baton or even gold baton (doubtful, this. Gold Baton is pretty high.

I might be leaning this latter way with the counselor being a Trisha  agent. Their goal is to remove Megan forever from contention for the top spot by either getting her to commit further offenses that will lock her permanently from her father's favor or by destroying her sanity.

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