Megan's Empire Book One
Table of Contents
For Alfa/Beta Readers Only

(*) Means we only have a working title, no text yet

(**) Means there is supposed to be a scene card there but no text yet

(#) Means there is text there but being worked on. Proceed at your own risk

( ) Nothing after the title means we hope it's good enough in its present state that the beta readers won't go screaming off into the night even if the general reading public might. It probably still needs work but has been through the wringer enough that the majority pretty much think it's getting there and worth keeping

Keep in mind it's a work in progress, even the website. Anything can happen. Don't worry about it if you think you broke something. You didn't. The mistake is on our end and we'll fix it and be glad it happened with people who want to help.

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