Megan's Empire Book One

01 Megan the Ninja Explorer

(first person, Megan)



What Happens?

Megan, at a precocious nine, is in the habit of haunting her father’s mansion in the middle of the night liberating sweets and pastries and observing the behavior of adults. She has decided, this night, that it is time to sample the adult fascination with alcohol. While doing this, she observes an argument between her parents where she first feels the immense power of her father and decides that she wants it all for herself. It is also then that we learn something of the power of The Company and of a deal Megan’s father made for her to marry the son of China’s chairman Li to seal a deal that will combine the strengths of The Company and China.


Consequences to the plot

The consequences of this scene are going to ripple out through the entire series and affect millions of people

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

This is where Megan’s lust for power first grips her. From this time forward, she feels that she must have this power no matter the cost. Thus, begins the struggle between the two Megan’s. The one being molded in her father’s image and the one being shaped by the others around her who wish to see the better Megan win the struggle. This internal struggle manifests itself in the guise of Harmony, Megan’s childhood friend that remains with her all her life in one degree or another.

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