Megan's Empire Book One

03 Megan The Mourner

(first person, Megan)



What Happens?

Megan, with tension through the roof, hears what she hopes is her rescue as she hears drilling and small controlled explosions. The first one to her is her father, not a welcome sight. She is no longer enthralled by him as she was at nine and she ponders the power she has at that moment, with the 45 in her hand that she has become so highly skilled in, to act on all the loathing she has for him and his methods.


She is left in the hands of Dancer who informs her that she has lost five members of her team, two are critical, Swift and Torch, and one, Elin, is not expected to make it and may have died already. Megan briefly mourns the ones she lost. She is led toward Elin’s bedside where we see her attachment to one of the dead (Colin) and we see moments of her command presence even at 18.


Consequences to the plot

Old friends have been taken off the board and need to be replaced. The consequences of this night will shape the thinking of Megan’s people forever

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

At this point, the struggle is so intense within Megan that she wonders if she could take over now with the pull of a trigger. Is it Dancer’s level-headed wisdom that helps the 18-year-old past this moment or her morality?

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