Megan's Empire Book One

04 Elin The Shield

(third person, Elin)



What Happens?

Post-op ICU. Elin pulls through with remarkable recuperative powers. As she is nearing consciousness, the mixture of religions in her life has her in Valhalla, thinking she is dead, and gloating over her sister's mistaken faith in Christianity. But the vision evaporates and she wakes to find her older sister, Anne, smiling over her. 


Her first concern is Megan's safety and Anne fills her in about Megan's steadfastly standing by Elin, and making sure of the wellbeing of Angela and Cynthia, even though Megan's father has been demanding that she report to him in his office.


The connection between Megan and Elin is as strong as any mother-daughter bond. Megan mentions, momentarily, the cost of her drive toward power and Elin points out the team has protected her, and her freedom to choose her path, even to the point of sacrificing their lives. Megan quickly refocuses on her goal and is off to see her father.


We learn something of Elin's past and her concern that there are two Megan's battling within her and that the wrong Megan is winning.



Consequences to the plot

Megan stays with the program that will decide JPK's successor.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

Are these tests ones of Megan's drive to gain power or her commitment to her own morality.

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