Megan's Empire Book One

06 Family Matters

Sibling Rivalry

(third person, JPK)



What Happens?

As Megan is closing the door after the meeting with her father, JPK picks up the phone and summons King and his two Patterson sons. It comes out in conversation that it is the younger of the two, Timothy, that conspired with the Russians to kill his half-sister, Megan. Unfortunately for him, the Russians took advantage of the intel provided by Timothy to make a nearly successful attack on JPK himself, something Timothy had not bargained for. Timothy is shown to be very intelligent but too impatient. JPK sentences him to MAX.


It further comes out that the two brothers hate one another but Curtis, a brilliant but cold-blooded analytical type, sees his brothers strength and weaknesses as clearly as he does his own. He is patient and willing to take a position away from the top spot that fits his personality and gifts. 


At the end of the scene, JPK says he has a special assignment for Curtis. Curtis says he knows JPK doesn't plan on killing Timothy but recommends that Timothy get a good look in the shark's mouth before letting him off the hook.


Consequences to the plot

JPK's family continues to be filled out with Megan's enemies.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

What will Megan's reaction be when she, eventually, has to deal with her extended family.

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