Megan's Empire Book One

09 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Gordon King)



What Happens?

King reports to Knowles that they are 95% sure that they have uncovered the mole but, more important, they know that the conversation was being recorded and the method used is troubling. The Chinese and Russians have teamed up probably because Knowles allowed Megan to delay her wedding past her 18th year and that made the Chinese nervous. The tech is in two parts needing a pen and a microdot tucked under the arm of the office chair.


Consequences to the plot

Knowles realizes he has taken the Chinese for granted too many times and they might be slipping away from him so he needs to get Megan on the move and bring the wedding forward.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

This series is where the importance of Megan's marriage to chairman Li's son gets ramped up

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