Megan's Empire Book One

10 Spies and Traitors

The Scientist

(third person, Gordon King)



What Happens?

King takes the bullet train from the Phoenix winter headquarters to the Tucson science labs where he will give the microdot voice recorder to Trisha Adisa, head of Experimental Lab 6 for testing. His hope is to take his time getting there but she is on to his habits and is waiting for him at the station. She shows herself to think she is above everyday rules when she uses the high-speed tram to get to her facilities, something that is strictly against the rules.


There, after playing the recording which comes through crystal clear, she makes a recording and tries to keep it for herself but King is on to her. He knows the only way she would attempt to do such a thing is if it was not her primary objective. He examines the device she used to make the copy and finds another copy hidden within it. He pockets both copies and leaves.​


Consequences to the plot

Many are the forces swirling within The Company.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

Trish is one of JPK's lovers and she has two children that she plans to pit against Megan for CEO.

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