Megan's Empire Book One

12 Spies and Traitors


(third person, Stephanie)



What Happens?

Stephanie Ridge is told to report to Trisha's office in Tucson. She knows it can't be good. She is met at the station by Trish, her three children and another large man in ProFor uniform. It intimidates her as it is meant to. They take her past the security door for the high-speed tram and subject her to a humiliating cavity search the finds two cyanide capsules. She then is ordered to dress and they take her to Trish's office where the ProFor guy who is not related to Trish waits outside the door.


It is revealed that the child Stephanie had and adopted out at sixteen has been part of Stephanie's company record for years but no one has acted on it. Stephanie had thought the child safe from the company's security forces that she did not trust. Trish offers to remove the reference to the child from Stephanie's record if she continues to spy on JPK for Trish as she has been for The Jungle Journalist. After some promises that the child will, henceforth, be given every advantage of education and position and that Stephanie will be promoted AND that the boss Stephanie hates will take the rap as the spy, she jumps at the chance. She's not as idealistic as she wanted to paint herself when she set out to expose The Company's methods.


Consequences to the plot

Many are the forces swirling within The Company.

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

Stephanie will, maybe, at some point be assigned to Megan's staff.

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