Megan's Empire Book One

17 Romance of a Sort

Love is a Battlefield

(first person, Megan)



What Happens?

The battle is over and it was brutal. Megan has 'won' but lost people she cared about and told by Torch, if she insisted on this course, she would be required to pick up a weapon and do her part. She has killed people herself and it was NOT a glorious exercise. In fact, she is physically ill and Elin is upset.


Elin wants to be angry at Torch for forcing the issue but knows that Megan had to be made to face the consequences of her decisions if she insists she will continue her drive toward power.


A recap of the battle might hint at the brutality of it and Megan wonders if the moral damage it has cost her will be worth it but sees she must see it through for now.


Consequences to the plot

The next step is for Megan to confront her father and insist she be given the top spot or at least put back on the path for it

Why does it matter to Megan’s inner struggle?

Megan's illness at the reality of her passion for power and her loss of people she cared about leave her thinking she has no choice but to carry on now that so much has been sacrificed to get what she wants.

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